Don't Eat That!

Don’t Eat That!

Easter lilies can be deadly to cats

It will soon be Easter and with it Easter lilies.  Easter lilies are such a traditional part of the celebration that we don’t stop to think that they can be deadly to cats.

The whole plant (leaf, flower and even pollen) is poisonous to cats.  Even if the just lick a few pollen grains off their coats or eat a leaf, cats can suffer acute kidney failure very quickly.  Dogs don’t seem to be bothered.    

Other common house plants that are poisonous to cats and dogs are peace lilies, aloe vera, monstera, pothos (ivy), jade, dumb cane and snake plants.  Some are deadly, some will only make them sick.  It’s not worth taking the chance.  Before getting a house plant, check the internet for toxicity before buying.

There are foods we like that our pets shouldn’t eat no matter how much they beg and give you big eyes.  We all know about chocolate, but there are several more.  A few of these are onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, avocado and raw dough.  There are actually more foods, so many that we should check before giving any food to our pets.  The sweetener Xylitol found in gum, toothpaste and some foods is toxic.

Welcome, Spring!

Daphne Rashall

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