Forecasters predict that Hurricane Ida will impact Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.  While Texas may not be significantly impacted, this is a good time to review the primary hurricane responses – sheltering-in-place and evacuation.  

Shelter-in-Place orders are issued when it is safer to be sheltered indoors than to evacuate.

In severe weather, you should:

  • Seek shelter in an interior room on the lowest-floor possible
  • Turn on a battery-powered radio and tune it to local radio, or the National Weather Service Radio Service (if equipped).  Follow official instructions.

Whether for a hurricane or impending flooding, you may be required to quickly evacuate your home, neighborhood, or the city.  Have a plan ahead of time to make sure everyone in your family knows what to do, where to go, and how to get a hold of each other:

  • Sign up for Alert Houston, and have multiple ways to stay informed about conditions in your area.
  • Select a rally point somewhere in another part of the city, in case you are unable to get back to your neighborhood.  Consider a family member or friend’s house or a specific business.
  • Select an evacuation location. A family member or friend’s house or hotel outside of the city, in case a catastrophic emergency means you cannot remain in, or return to the city.  Make sure everyone has the phone number and location written down as well.
  • Know your evacuation route(s) and follow the instructions of emergency management and law enforcement.

It is recommended that everybody download the Disaster Preparedness Guide and read it.  The last four pages of the guide contain some very valuable emergency contact information.


Preparedness Guide | Are you Ready? – Office of Emergency Management (


Preparedness Guide | Are you Ready? – Office of Emergency Management (

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