Many thanks to the Atascocita Fire Department trainers for the excellent “Stop the Bleed” training.  After an overview of the background and concepts of this invaluable tool, we received hands-on instruction on the use of a tourniquet and how to pack a wound. Under the watchful eyes of the professionals, each participant practiced applying a tourniquet to themselves and a partner. We also used a device to practice packing a wound.  These skills will enable us to help ourselves or others until medical professionals arrive.  If you missed this opportunity, please be on the lookout for training in our community.  The life you save could be your own.


With multiple weather systems looming in the Gulf, please be reminded of the importance of being “weather ready.” During our June meeting, Ian Feldman, a Certified Emergency Manager and Staff Analyst for the City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security, reminded us of the urgency of hurricane preparedness.  Comprehensive preparedness includes:

  • Making a plan (where will you/your pets go; if needed, register for 2-1-1, etc.)
  • Preparing a kit (non-perishable foods, water, batteries, paper products, phone chargers and power banks, etc.)
  • Staying Informed (local new Apps, radio stations, Nixle Alert Systems, WEAS- Wireless Emergency Alert Systems, etc.)
  • Knowing our neighbors

It also includes confirming our home and flood insurance, trimming our trees, knowing our evacuation routes, etc.  

Please do not wait until the water and ply-wood are flying off the shelves.  Be proactive.  Be prepared.  

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C. Vita

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