“As the Fire Chief, we rely on many sources to execute and support nontraditional, non-emergency response activities. The Community Resource Task Force (CRTF) does an amazing job of rallying needed resources from community partners and directing them into areas with the greatest need, via direction from emergency responders. Made up of local business and community members, the CRTF has its finger on the pulse of the area and has identified and cataloged resources that can be deployed in a moment’s notice. We appreciate their willingness to serve and the dedication and professionalism.”

Mike Mulligan
Chief of Atascocita Fire Department

Thank you, CRTF, for bringing us together, not just to meet, but to partner and work together to serve together. I am a longtime member of this community and have always in some capacity been involved with disaster relief efforts. Before CRTF, some of the most frustrating aspects of relief and recovery efforts were not knowing who was doing what; what help was available and where; how to direct people and resources where most needed. This was really brought home to all of us in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Over the years CRTF has changed that by bringing together all sectors of our community; making us aware of just how far reaching that community is, and how we can (and should) depend on one another.

Fire departments, law enforcement agencies, churches, HAM radio operators, hospitals, school districts, and many others have been able to put faces with names, and build relationships. It was no longer “every man for himself” when it came to providing relief and recovery assistance. I credit Phillippe Cras for having been the leader of this initiative, and the many others who have served as officers and board members to grow and keep CRTF alive and well.
On a personal note, I feel that I have been most impacted by meeting so many community leaders. Mission Northeast is a designated disaster relief and recovery organization. I owe it to CRTF that we have a state of the art HAM radio system. I also appreciate and am always impressed by the NWS weather alerts that come from the Atascocita Fire Department. This is a tremendous service — thank you, AFD.

Volunteers are so important to the success of any organization or coalition. The volunteers who are CRTF, are invaluable to its success. I’m very proud and blessed to be part of this organization.

Pam Dickson Singletary
Mission Northeast Executive Director